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So here's a suggestion regarding Tiered Fandom Challenges. The idea is to have a challenge that contemplates all kinds of collectors, so everyone can jump in.

"Everyone who completes this Showcase Challenge will receive a 1994-95 Fandom Tier Vintage Vibes David Robinson Moment where The Admiral gets a clutch block against no other than Kenny "the Jet" Smith.

For the sake of this challenge, Rare moments will be worth 20 points, while common moments will be worth 2 points.
There will be 3 tiers to this challenge.
You must create a Showcase with 10 moments from the 1994-95 Run it Back series and the 1994-95 Archive Set.


3 stars - Your Showcase must be worth at least 160 points (8x rare plus 2x common);
2 stars - Your Showcase must be worth at least 60 points (3x rare plus 7x common);
1 star - Your Showcase must be worth at least 20 points (10x common);

All moments will show as Fandom, but with a different number of stars. They will each have their own mint sizes."

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