New Collector Score tier

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Right now you get boost to collector score if you have a moment from every player on a team minted in a Series. You also get an additional bonus if you have a moment from every player EVER minted for that team in all Series. My suggestion is to add a third bonus that would be Full Team-All Series. For example, you could have the full team bonus and the full Series 2 bonus for the Suns with just the 40k Mikal Bridges moment, but in order to have the Full Team-All Series bonus you would also need one of his moments from S1. This would help maintain the value to unique moments (like the RIBs) in the event that a higher mint count moment was created for those players in future, without making it impossible for newer collectors to complete Team Sets.

Under consideration Community Suggested by: Luna32020 Upvoted: 10 Oct Comments: 0

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