Pack Eligibility Tier Purchase System

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As collector score becomes more increasingly important to joining pack drops, establishing an eligibility tier purchase pack system would be nice to see for collectors of all levels.

To be eligible for Premium Pack one needs 2,500 CS. If the tier system were in place, Collectors with a CS of...

-0-1,000 are eligible for common pack

-1,001-2,499 are eligible for semi-premium packs. What is a semi premium? Packs where the feature pack moment(MGLE) will NOT have any serial #’s lower than X number i.e. #101<

-2,500-4,000 Premium Pack eligibility original to TopShot marketing team strategy & requirements

-4,001- infinity. Collectors in this range get the option to not only buy a premium pack BUT will have access to trade their featured moment for dapper credit based on lowest ask average of ALL featured set moments on a certain random marketplace snapshot

*Bonus Suggestion
Traded in featured moments to be released in future featured PREMIUM MIX PACKS

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