Locker code or Moment code for trade ticket moments

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Being a user of both Topshot and NBA 2K, there are a number of comparative features. One of the great ways that new collectors are rewarded for being part of the community and engaging across NBA 2K social channels are the free locker codes.

A user enters a code that has been shared across social media channels and receives a random card/moment. This allows the user to build out their collection and removes the financial barrier. Locker codes usually run for only a very limited timeframe.

Topshot could do something similar with the repurposed trade ticket moments. Users could enter a specific code (somewhere on their profile) and be sent a random moment (likely a 5digit CC) or potentially be joined into a special queue for a trade ticket drop. Limits could be set around the number of users who could redeem the code and/or redeem timeframes.

Benefits: Users get free moments + reduction of barriers to entry. Topshot gets positive customer sentiment, grows channel engagement

Under consideration Feature Request Suggested by: M J Woodhead Upvoted: 15 Jun Comments: 0

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