Real World Utility at Arenas (i.e. free drink for life)

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Real world utility is so integral to long term Top Shot success. Something that is worth pennies to the NBA would be viewed as nearly priceless to so many NBA fans and collectors. Something like a free soda (or hot dog, or beer) at any arena for life if you're holding a specific moment (i.e. LaMelo Ball Cool Cat) adds utility, value, and most of that comes in the form of clout.

What happens when other fans or friends hear about your free soda/beer/whatever? And they find out you got it from owning a Top Shot moment? Well...the vast majority of the time, they check out Top Shot for themselves. They may buy a moment just for the utility even if they *aren't* collectors, but this also opens the path for more collectors to discover the potential. A sign in the stadium to "join this line for your free Top Shot soda" gets people intrigued and looking into Top Shot while adding actual value to the holder at a relatively tiny cost to the NBA.

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