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The marketplace is a competitive advantage for TopShot. Here’s a plan to gameify it in platform:

1.) make packs “cash” only (no dapper. Dapper is for the MP and withdrawal only). Pack grabs take dapper out of the marketplace and hurt the product. True point of sale is cash in. This helps the marketplace while also allowing dapper labs to have true KPIs on actual demand.

2.) Replace Collector Score with Collector Points

3.) Earn CPs by holding moments (1 per week for commons, 2 for rares,etc), holding complete sets (20 per week for common, eg). Our version of staking. Early users with large accounts are still rewarded is they stake.

4.) Make daily challenges where the reward is collector points to reward activity on the MP and with the product and give new users a path up.

5.) Create collector store where you spend your points for $5 dapper credits, discounts from nba store, etc, and the big one - entry into rare/legendary drops (and this is the only way to earn entry).

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Comments: 1

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