I'd like the ability to buy and list showcases

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If TS & TS users are looking for bulk sale functionality, seems the critical path to achieving it would be to add a Place For Sale button in the showcases. Maybe give us a short description field so we can hype up the showcase with bullet points/sales pitch about the offering. For ex, I have a showcase of all 40k mint rookies. Not that I would sell them (haha) but I could see how someone would want to get a head start on their rookie collection while not wanting to take the time to hunt down each individual card. With this kind of functionality TS could potentially grow a new user demo in the form of Moment Curators. Like brokers/flippers, in the art & collectable world, curators are a vital piece of the ecosystem. Every user on TS is technically already curating when they build a showcase, but real curation can only occur with the ability to sell a collection i.e. a showcase. Look, tbh, my dream job is curating TS moments for celebrity clients j/k. Love TS btw, y'all keep it up!

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