Give sellers the option of auctioning off their moments. (Not the kind most of you are thinking)

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This is not the kind of auction you see on EBAY, but rather a silent auction.
- The auction will take place in an auction room of course
- The seller lists all the details of the moment and the lowest price they will accept.
- Max number of buyers in the auction room can be (I'll leave this up to you TS), once the limit is reached the auction will start.
-Each buyer will have 24 secs(NBA THEME) to enter the highest price they will pay for the moment(only they can see it). All bids are revealed at the end and the highest bidder wins.

BUT WAIT?? What if some of the bidders bid the same price? Don't panic..
-The low bidders are released (to find another moment) and the other bidders have a second go at it, But starting at the amount of the bid they tied at.

Possible problems eliminated.
- Failed transactions that you thought were positive
- Live action and knowing who you are bidding against
-Actually having a chance to get a moment and not being handicapped because of internet speed.

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