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Can we get an exclusive “Top Shot Shop” on the site at some point? TopShot could set the prices. I’d love to buy/wear some TopShot apparel (shirts/hoodies/hats) out and could be more organic marketing too. “Hey, that’s a cool shirt.. what’s NBA TopShot?”...Boom more organic marketing. Now if y’all really wanna get fancy you could sell some fire frame displays on the site for our moments like Infinite Objects/Nifted does.. that’d incentivize the folks, who want nice momes for their display to show off to their buddies, to keep the MP stimulated by buying up higher priced momes from the MP. Who wants a fire wall frame for their mancave filled with low end moments? Maybe we could use our dapper balance for purchases too? Just a thought..

Under consideration Community Suggested by: Venson Hawkins Upvoted: 06 Aug Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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